Friday, June 2, 2017

Only Cops Should Have Guns

Because they're the most reliable and law-abiding people going, right?—NOT! Cops commit more gun crimes than do concealed carriers. Right—the people charged with UPHOLDING the law commit more gun crimes than concealed carriers! No, the cops aren't bad people as a RULE. But there ARE some “bad apples.” And more of them are “bad apples”by percentage than are concealed carriers among private citizens, according to John Lott, the premier gun statistician, often criticized by the anti-gun fools (which I consider a “badge of honor). Anti-gun fools keep saying that allowing people to carry guns on campus makes students and staff LESS safe—which is a LIE. But then, they tell a lot of lies to support their unsupportable position. Concealed carry on campus has been the law in at least THREE states for years, with not a SINGLE crime being committed by them. I am NOT saying that cops are lawbreakers. They are NOT, for the most part. But concealed carriers commit gun crimes in the THOUSANDS of a percent, while cops do in the HUNDREDS of a percent. Both groups commit very few gun crimes, but concealed carriers do a lot less than cops. (Breitbart)

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