Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ban Rental Trucks!

Islamic terrorists use them to kill people! They're just too easy for the average person OR a terrorist to get! Their other important uses are unimportant, compared with their ability to kill people if misused. This is the same argument used by the anti-gun fools in their constant efforts to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and is just as stupid. You don't stop people who want to do others ill by banning the items they use to accomplish it. If you could, you would have to ban many things we use, every day, for constructive purposes, such as knives, cars, trucks, pressure cookers, and many other things that CAN be used to hurt people. That would be as STUPID as it is to ban GUNS because they CAN kill people. There are some people who NEED to be killed, and cops kill them, every day. Usually while they are trying to kill the cops with their ILLEGAL guns. (Just common sense)

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