Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"They'd Shoot Each Other"

British anti-gun fools tell us it's a good thing the killers in London only had a rental truck and some KNIVES to use to kill innocent people in London. That if it happened in America, where guns are so easily available, the death toll might be HUNDREDS, rather than seven as armed and panicky people shoot wildly and probably shoot more innocent people than terrorists. How STUPID is that? If anybody in the crowd had been armed, and TRAINED in gun use, they could have killed the attackers DURING the eight minutes it took armed cops to finally arrive and kill the terrorists (and who didn't accidentally kill any citizens). As usual, they giggle at the whole idea that the common citizen might be well trained in gun use and well able to put down a couple of crazed terrorists without killing each other. Requests for background checks have increased a LOT after those attacks in London. (Truth About Guns)

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