Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dancing In Their Blood

The anti-gun fools are “dancing in the blood” of the Pulse Night Club victims in Orlando, FL. Florida lawmakers gathered NEAR that club to demand even more of the INNEFFECTIVE gun laws that FAILED to stop the killers of 49 people there. Now they want to make a law to keep even people who commit misdemeanor hate crimes from owning a gun. Such a law depends on those people actually OBEYING their law; something they have already demonstrated they don't care about. That's the basic problem with ALL the current anti-gun laws: they DEPEND upon lawbreakers to OBEY them, and they DON'T. They ignore their insignificant laws and commit more serious crimes. We tell them and tell them, but telling these gullible politicians that is like throwing rocks at a boulder; it just bounces off without making a dent. It's not like laws against murder or rape; those laws are made to PUNISH the perpetrators. The anti-gun laws are made to “stop gun violence,” and do NOT. They INCREASE it. (Guns)

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