Monday, June 19, 2017

"Americans Want Gun Control"

At least that's what Dumocrat pollster Maggie Omero says. She recently took part in a poll to promote gun control. She said they fielded 16 different proposals on gun control, and THAT was assumed to be proof that “Americans want gun control.” Of course, she gave no details on those proposals, because there probably weren't any. Nor was there any mention that any such proposals (IF they actually exist) came from people who took part in their poll BECAUSE they were anti-gun in the first place. They were only in her imagination. CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill said “We need to get beyond the power of particular lobbies if we're going to get anywhere,” not mentioning the fact that that the top “lobbyist” organization is the NRA, which is supported by millions of Americans who don't agree with their fantasies. The unfortunate part, for them, is that that statement revealed their bias in FAVOR of more limiting gun control laws. Anti-gun fools like to fool themselves that a majority of Americans really WANT gun control, but it just is NOT true. And their continued losses when attempting to make such laws is proof of that. (News Busters)

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