Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Common Sense Solutions"

They call their USELESS gun laws” “common sense solutions” to gun violence, which seems to be “out of control.” Only their solutions AREN'T “common sense,” don't work, and gun violence is NOT “out of control. It's DOWN. And they are now saying that “70% of NRA members support MOMS.” Hoo, ha! Giggle, giggle! Thanks, people, I needed a good laugh, and you've provided it again. They SAY they support the Second Amendment, but they're LYING. One of the things they inadvertently brought out in this article is that every instance of “gun violence” happened where the “gun laws are the tightest. And, of course, the anti-gun fools are still counting people up to age 19 (street gang members) as “children,” and including suicides to make their figures look more alarming. (The Baltimore Sun)

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