Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Run: Hide: Tell: Throw Beer!"

That's how an UNARMED population “fights back” against Islamic terrorism, according to the British PM. After a major shooting a few years ago, the British did the only thing they could think of; they DISARMED everybody so they'd be perfect victims of subsequent attacks. In this case, the attackers didn't even use guns! They first ran a rental truck into a crowd, killing some, injuring many. Then they jumped out and started stabbing everybody they could, until the armed cops finally arrived and killed them. The Islamic terrorists are, instead of using more highly technical methods, now using very simple measures. Tools that cannot be banned, and are all over the place, like rental trucks and knives. The victims were reduced to fighting back with chairs, tables, and mugs of BEER. Until the “good guys with guns” appeared and ENDED the terrorists. The simple logic that allowing the average citizens to be armed in self defense seems to escape the British authorities, as it is mostly here. And they have no Second Amendment to make it harder on the politicians to disarm them. (Daily Caller)

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