Friday, February 21, 2014

The ONLY Reason

There is really ONE REASON, and one reason only for the government to deny its citizens the right to have their own guns for self-defense. They couch it in “good language,” saying all they really want is to “stop gun violence.” But the laws they make DO NOTHING to curb “gun violence.” Instead, their laws make it impossible for honest, reliable people to have guns for their own defense, leaving them defenseless against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. That reason is that when they come for what’s yours, in the future, they don’t want to meet a gun in your hands. They call that paranoid, saying they have no intention to EVER do that. But Hitler said that, too; so did Stalin and Hugo Chavez and other dictators. And all three (and others) MURDERED thousands, even MILLIONS of their defenseless citizens in their separate marches to power. Obama has already taken to calling his “enemies” terrorists, though NONE have ever done any “terrorist acts.” He hopes to convince other gullible citizens he is right when he sends his “private army” out to kill them. (Bearing Arms)

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