Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gun Grabbers Still At It

Colorado gun-grabbers apparently didn’t learn their lesson when they lost THREE of their number last year because of their gun-grabbing activities. They’re still “in denial” about the REASONS why two were summarily recalled and another quit rather than face a recall election. Politicians are positive geniuses at denying the obvious. They say, “They weren’t recalled because of their anti-gun activities (although that was clearly the stated reason), but because of their politics in general. What ignoramuses these politicians (including Governor Hickenlooper) are! Now they’re going after it on a “mental health” basis. They want to make a law that will make ANY mental health issue a REASON to take away the gun rights of the person involved. Even a TEMPORARY thing, at the REQUEST of that individual does it. It’s a complete “backdoor” method of further restricting gun rights. What part of NO LAW don’t these fools understand? I guess we’ll have to crank up the recall machinery again. (RMGO)

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