Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gullible Anti-Gun Writer

A writer who works for gun-hater Michael Bloomberg, apparently thinks all you have to do is ASK people if they have guns and they’ll tell you. (Hearty har-har!) How stupid IS he? That employee, one Paul Barett, thinks people will give an anonymous pollster all intimate details about their lives, including how many guns they have, just for the asking. Torrid gun sales in the first Obama term tell a different story than that “learned” by this pollster; which means they’re NOT telling him what he wants to know. But he believes it. The furor to buy guns has “leveled off,” but only because everybody who wants one now has it. This guy thinks gun owners will be honest with a stranger who calls on the phone and asks them how many guns they have. And I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I want to talk to him about if he calls me. (Bearing Arms)

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