Saturday, February 22, 2014

If Only He'd Had A Gun

This 86-year-old Korean War veteran was attacked by THREE thugs and beaten to death. He was attacked and stabbed and died 12 days later as the result of complications of the surgery required to repair the damage to his 86-year-old body. The thugs, two black, one Hispanic, and one of them even FEMALE were caught, and no doubt their lawyers will try to say they didn’t kill her, the surgery did. Authorities even dropped murder charges when cause of death was noted. But it seems to me if they hadn’t beaten and stabbed him, the surgery that his 86-year-old body didn’t survive would not have been necessary. Two of the assailants showed NO remorse at his death, and indeed SMILED for their booking pictures. It’s too bad this old vet didn’t have a gun. He could have changed things significantly. (The Blaze)

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