Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Governor In Denial

The figures concerning how many people in Connecticut refused to register their “assault weapons” are a minimum OF 50,000 And a maximum of 350,000, making LOTS of “newly-minted felons.” But the governor disputes that, saying, “That’s a ‘made up’ figure.” He SAYS the crime rate in Conn. Is at its lowest in 46 years. I think THAT’S a “made-up figure.” I think his police agencies are “fiddling the figures” to help him along. Nationally, the places with the TIGHTEST gun laws (like Chicago and New York) typically have the highest violent crime rates, usually involving guns. I don’t think it’s any different here. He says, “It’s going well. People are registering their guns.” I think that’s a load of crap. I hope he’s got plans to build a LOT more prisons if he plans to prosecute everybody who refuses to register what HE has decided were “assault weapons.” Time will tell. He can’t falsify figures forever. (The Blaze)

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