Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anti-Gun Hypocrite

I’ve tried to resolve to use the word “hypocrite” less often this year, but this story CRIES OUT for its use. Dwayne Ferguson, the “face” of New York’s campaign for the “Safe Act,” was arrested for carrying a GUN into a school the other day. How hypocritical is THAT? His friends say he shouldn’t be punished for it, because they’re sure he did it innocently. Innocently? For a man who is so well known to be AGAINST carrying guns and who is an ACTIVIST for it to be CARRYING a gun is first, hypocritical, and second, a completely IGNORANT act. A man who is an “anti-gun activist” CARRYING A GUN? This completely discredits anything he will ever SAY about gun control in the future and he should be punished severely for it. Not just for carrying a gun, but for being an ANTI-GUN ACTIVIST carrying a gun while preaching against it! How incredibly STUPID is that? And get this: Ferguson has a CARRY PERMIT. Why would a man who is adamantly AGAINST everybody else BUT HIM, of course, being able to carry a gun for self-defense, have a license to carry himself and be known to be a “carrier?” That’s the DESCRIPTION of hypocritical! This reminds me of the fiasco when it was found that Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the best-known anti-gun fools in the country was found to be a licensed gun carrier. This just proves again that liberals make laws for YOU, but not for THEMSELVES. (Eagle Rising)

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