Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gun Control Costs States

It started as a trickle. It’s becoming a flood. So far, only a few gun and ammunition manufacturers have actually MOVED out of states with tight gun control laws, costing those states hundreds of jobs and a LOT of tax money. Beretta was looking at Virginia until Terry McAuliffe was elected governor on the promise of more gun control. Then they marked Virginia off their “short list” and, instead moved to Tennessee, where they were welcomed with “open arms.” They brought all their jobs with them. American Tactical Imports and PTR Industries moved from New York because of their SAFE Act, and, as with Rush Limbaugh, who led the exodus from New York, people in both companies will probably be audited by the New York tax people every year to find out of they did ANY business in New York, to harass them for leaving. I expect the trickle to become a “river” soon. (Breitbart)

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