Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bank of America Freezes Gun Mfg. Account

They told them, “You shouldn’t be selling guns and parts on the Internet.” Who the HELL do they think they ARE? They don’t get to decide what’s right and wrong and freeze people’s accounts because of it. This is just as bad as STEALING their money because they don't like them. This gun manufacturer needs to quickly SUE this bank, get their money back, and move the money to another bank that isn’t run by FOOLS. And when they do, they’d better hope they don’t get a liberal judge who rules on his OPINION, not on the Constitution, as he is SUPPOSED to do. One of the shortcomings in our system is allowing a JUDGE, by himself, to REVERSE things that were passed LAWFULLY, just because he doesn’t agree with it. There should be a review process to GUARANTEE the judge does NOT rule according to his OPINION, not the Constitution. The law should “go after” this bank for VIOLATING the law by their action. (Patriot Action Network)

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