Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gun-Hating Paper Has Armed Protection

Remember the Journal News, the newspaper in New York state that published the names and addresses of those who held gun permits in their area? They’ve gotten so much backlash they have hired ARMED SECURITY. One wonders if the staff of the Journal have applied for their own licenses to carry guns in response to the supposed “danger” they fear from all those scary “armed people.” Or are they going to just HIRE people to carry the guns FOR them, as do anti-gun politicians. Or if they do, are they going to publish their OWN names and addresses? The Journal is following the “time-honored” method of all gun-haters; they hate them until they need to use them themselves. Then, since most of them are rich, or well-to-do, they HIRE people to carry their guns FOR them or, like one of the best-known gun haters, Senator Diane Feinstein, carry their own guns. These people are such hypocrites they make me want to barf. But they’re apparently not smart enough to recognize that. (ABC News)

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