Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Gun Free Zones" Cause Deaths

People who wish to go into crowds and shoot people indiscriminately rarely go into gun stores or gun shows, or even police stations to kill people. That shows at lease SOME intelligence on their part. That’s because they KNOW there will be no guns there that they don’t know about so they’re free to kill as many people as they can without somebody shooting THEM. One man made the mistake of trying it IN a gun store and was made into “Swiss cheese” by everybody in the store who was armed. Another went into a church to kill people and found ONE GUN there in the hands of a small woman he didn’t know about, who ENDED his shooting spree after only two deaths. That’s what it’s going to take to put a stop to these shooting sprees: people shooters don’t realize are there who have guns to oppose them. If these people knew there was a great possibility there would be someone there to shoot THEM before they could kill very many people, maybe they’ll think again about doing it. But anti-gun laws will NEVER stop such shootings because people like that will ALWAYS be able to get a gun or guns, one way or another, REGARDLESS of the law. Criminals don’t OBEY laws that say they can’t be armed. (Just common sense)

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