Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Criminal Killed

This is another case that will not be covered very much in the national liberal media. Because it does not promote their agenda to make you think that NOBODY ever used a privately-owned, legal gun in self defense. The LOCAL media will cover it, at least once, but the national media will not. Gun haters want you to think that if you have a gun, YOU’RE more likely to be hurt than anyone else. NOT SO. If you’re properly trained, the people who need to be afraid of your gun are the CRIMINALS who try to victimize you. This man was “protecting his property” in a state (Texas) which allows it. Some states would charge this man with murder for shooting a criminal that wasn’t “threatening his life” at the tine he shoots. Which is STUPID. They can go in an instant from threatening your PROPERTY to threatening your LIFE in an instant. (KENS5)

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