Thursday, January 10, 2013

School Shooting In California

In a state where the gun laws are the tightest, a student at Taft high School in Kern County, California managed to get a gun and came into the school shooting, hitting at least two people. If this doesn’t prove my contention that tight gun laws don’t stop such things, I don’t know what will. But the anti-gun freaks will ignore it, and deny it if we bring it up. The shooting ended when the shooter shot himself. The REPORT is he used an “assault weapon,” but I doubt it, since they don’t even know how to DEFINE what an “assault weapon” even IS. Some people say we need to get rid of all guns, but not only will that never happen, if we were somehow able to get rid of all guns criminals and people determined to go into crowds and shoot people WILL still be able to get guns. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but there’s something very suspicious about the increase in shootings in SCHOOLS lately. I think somebody is PROMOTING people to DO these shootings to “whip up” support for tighter gun laws—and the anti-gun freaks are cooperating nicely. (International Business Times)

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