Monday, January 14, 2013

"Mother Jones" Lied

They did an article that concluded that “civilians with guns have never stopped a mass shooting.” WRONG!  The only reason there are very few instances of this is that they are not ALLOWED to be armed, so CAN’T stop mass shootings. But I know of a few instances where armed civilians HAVE stopped mass shootings. One of those was in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where a guy who had already shot up one church, attempted to do it again and ran into a parishioner who had her own gun and shot him. He then killed himself after only killing two other people in that church. They CLAIM she was a “security guard” hired by the church, but that’s a LIE. She was a parishioner who was armed, and they ASKED her to FUNCTION as a security guard while there. That’s a whole lot different. She was armed, and the shooter didn’t know it. That proves my theory. (Weekly Standard)

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