Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm Gonna Say It Again

And again and again until it sinks into the feeble minds of all those FOOLS who blame the GUN when some ignorant FOOL takes a gun and kills a bunch of innocent people they find in bunches. We need more people in those groups with “carry permits.” People these “shooters” don’t know are there, who can shoot them before they can kill more than one or two people. Getting rid of guns isn’t going to solve the problem. Guns EXIST. You can’t “uninvent” them. “Bad guys” will ALWAYS be able to get their guns while people who OBEY laws won’t. If Frank DeAngelis, principal at Columbine High School, had had a gun when he “looked around a corner and watched one of the shooters killing people” he could have “put a couple in the head of the shooter” and ended at least that one shooter’s “kill score,” then go after, and kill the other. As it was, all he could do was “hide and watch” as the shooter murdered students and teachers. One of these days we MIGHT find a COMPETENT politician who will realize this and put a stop to “no gun zones,” which are “open invitations” to shooters who want to spray bullets into crowds of people. (Just common sense)

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