Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All They Can Think Of Is "The Guns"

Every time somebody commits a mass shooting, all our INCOMPETENT “leaders” can think of is “BAN GUNS.” They’re all about “getting rid of guns.” They don’t even THINK about the SHOOTERS. Some people “give lip service” to improving mental health. But what they really want to do is BAN GUNS. That’s ALL they’re interested in. People like Wayne LaPierre (perennial VP of NRA) says there should be an armed cop in every school, but even a NON-uniformed one costs a lot of money because that will be all he/she does. Simply ALLOWING one or more STAFF to be armed and TRAINED costs a lot less and would work well. But they ridicule that, saying that staff member would be a “source of danger.” When are these incompetent people going to WAKE UP and get rid of the “no-gun zones” that are an OPEN INVITATION to people who want to come in and shoot up the schools? (Just common sense)

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