Tuesday, December 26, 2017

WaPo Exposes Pelosi's Lies

Peelosi likes to spout the bullmanure that the reciprocity bill will let violent criminals, domestic abusers, and convicted stalkers carry concealed in all states. Which is an out-and-out DAMNED LIE! Those three categories of people are permanently PROHIBITED from owning or using a gun ANYWHERE in the United States. That law will NOT "invite them to carry concealed!" What WILL allow them to carry concealed, anywhere they wish, is the "black market" in ILLEGAL guns, everywhere. Something Peelose hasn't done anything about, and CAN'T do anything about. The gun black market is like "the poor." It will ALWAYS be with us. Until they figure out how to stop all ILLEGAL gun sales (which they just ignore), the "bad guys will be able to get their guns. The evidence is the amount of "gun crime" out there, almost ALWAYS committed by those who get their guns ILLEGALLY. The anti-gun fools, like Peelosi, always punish the law-abiding, making them DEFENSELESS against those ILLEGAL guns, and gets them KILLED. (Daily Caller)

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