Tuesday, December 19, 2017

No, You're NOT!

California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom tells the NRA: "We're coming for your guns." Our answer: "No, you're not." Whether you like it or not, there is still a constitutional PROHIBITION on banning guns, ANYWHERE in the United States. That includes California, where every one of your anti-gun laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL because each one is an INFRINGEMENT on the right of Americans to be armed for self defense, and will eventually be overturned. It's really too bad the Founders flubbed in not providing PUNISHMENT for politicians like you who knowingly make unconstitutional laws. They apparently thought the REVERSAL of such laws was sufficient to SHAME such lawmakers into not making any more. They were wrong. Politicians like you are too ARROGANT to be shamed by a reversal of your laws. You just say the court made a mistake. Which is a LIE, but you don't care, in your arrogance. In a proper world, politicians like you would be "sent out to pasture," but so far, that hasn't happened, so we'll just have to spend the time and money to reverse all your unconstitutional laws while hoping they don't do too much damage while they are still in force. (Red State)

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