Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Duh....Ya THINK?

In California, they're now saying that, "Young men of color are the most likely to commit gun violence." They're identifying them so they can PAY them not to shoot each other and others for silly purposes. They have at least identified the "gun problem" as NOT "a gun problem, but a "gang problem," and they're targeting individuals (gangstas) the cops KNOW have either committed gun violence or been the victim of it (but couldn't convict) to "mentor" and pay not to do violence as part of their gang life. Sacramento is only (only) spending $1.5 million dollars on the program, with program managers matching it (I wonder where they're getting the money). Cities are signing up for the program for four years, but with the proviso they can "back out" after two years if it isn't working. One mayor says he isn't looking for reasons it won't work, but is looking for reasons it WILL work. If that's what he's doing, how will he even RECOGNIZE signs of failure? (Sacramento Bee)

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