Monday, December 18, 2017

He "Likely" Did It

The liberal media sprinkles many words in its "fake news" reports. words such as "likely" that they think absolve them of blame when their "reports" are proven false. But those words are designed to be ignored by the reader. such as the word, "likely" in the report about a mass shooting, where the killer is described as "likely" to have gotten his guns through "private sales," at a gun show, one of their "bugaboos." They SAY that would absolve him of the necessity of submitting to a background check, which would have revealed a previous felony conviction, and disallowed the sale of his guns. But that's a typical anti-gun fool LIE. Gun sales at gun shows DO require background checks. He is just as "likely" to have STOLEN them or bought them ILLEGALLY in a back alley somewhere. which would BE a "private sale," but one they cannot control. They use this ploy on a regular basis, so be sure to NOTICE the use of such words. The shooter's father said that, "He 'PROBABLY' got his guns at a gun show." Not the most reliable source, since his father was earlier arrested for violating a restraining order by "stalking" nurses at that same "retirement home." "Probably" is another of "those words." (Bearing Arms)

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