Thursday, December 28, 2017

They Just Don't Get It!

In Chicago, they're finally "tumbling" to the fact that their "gun problem" is a gang problem. But, as usual, they go off in the wrong direction in planning ways to combat their problem. They want to BAN all guns. How they think that will solve their problem, I don't know, since it is mostly caused by UNDERAGE gang members who can't buy a gun legally, anyway, and so get them ILLEGALLY from other gang members, who got them ILLEGALLY, either buying them in a back alley somewhere, or STEALING them. They just don't understand that their problem is with ILLEGAL guns in the hands of people too young to buy a gun legally, anyway. Banning all guns is not only NOT going to work, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But the liberals in charge don't care about that. They'll keep on making their unconstitutional laws and enforce them until the Supreme Court declares them unconstitutional. Then they'll make more, worded slightly different, and enforce THEM until the Supreme Court declares them unconstitutional. (Chicago Tribune)

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