Thursday, January 4, 2018

Why Do They Do It?

The anti-gun fools keep coming up with new ways to make it impossible for law-abiding people to be able to use guns in self defense. Whenever people come up with effective means to defend themselves, such as the stun gun and the pepper spray, they want to make that illegal for people to have, too. This in spite pf the fact that NONE of their laws have ANY effect on the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists who IGNORE all their laws and have no trouble getting their guns ILLEGALLY. Every time some fool shoots up a school or a concert, or some other place where many people congregate, they immediately whine about passing new INEFFECTIVE laws they KNOW are ineffective. Sometimes even if the perp uses something other than a gun--like a huge truck, or just a knife.

They know their laws make no difference, and only cost the law-abiding their lives because they have nothing with which to defend themselves against the millions of illegal guns already out there. I think it's working exactly according to plan. They WANT to keep the law-abiding unarmed because liberal politicians (and even some conservatives) are AFRAID of them. They know there will come a time when they will send their thugs to TAKE property belonging to them, and don't want to get shot while doing it. The RICO laws are a beginning on that because it allows "the authorities" to TAKE money and property at will, without the necessity of a crime having been proved against them, by simply saying that it was "ill-gotten gains," so the victim will not have the money to mount a stiff defense. Which, in itself, is a violation of the Constitution. (Just common sense)

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