Monday, January 8, 2018

Baltimore Breaks Record

Baltimore, like Chicago, has very tight "gun laws." And, like Chicago, that is accompanied by high gun death rates and gun violence rates not resulting in death. I don't know what keeps the blinders on in both cities, but I suspect it's liberal thinking. Every one of these record setting deaths smacks of gang violence, but gang violence is only mentioned once in the Baltimore Sun article, and no conclusions are drawn. Their "record" is a "per capita" record and probably doesn't surpass Chicago in total deaths from gunshots. But the very fact that they have such tight gun laws, which are being roundly ignored, is instructive to intelligent people. Apparently, the "authorities" aren't very intelligent, in either place. for the situation remains the same. They keep making tighter and tighter gun laws while thugs keep on ignoring them. And people die. It wouldn't be so bad if only gang members died, but many innocent people, like that 10-year-old child recently, die too. What's the answer? I don't know. But as long as they keep making the same old, tired, gun laws for people to ignore, it will continue. (Baltimore Sun)

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