Monday, October 2, 2017

Totally Stupid Thinking

Shannon Watts, kingpin of "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that) thinks background checks could have stopped the Las Vegas shooting. But what if the shooter has not committed a crime before? Other anti-gun fools say "gun-free zones" could stop it. the Mandalay Bay Hotel WAS a "gun-free zone." So how did that affect this killing spree? Word is the shooter had numerous guns in his room at that hotel. How did he get them into his room at a hotel that was a "gun-free zone?" The same applies to all the silly laws about "safe storage." Somebody bent on a mass killing spree isn't interested in "safe storage" of his guns, and couldn't care less about these piddling little laws. He's scheming to commit a crime much worse than violating a piddling little law that says he has to store his guns a certain way. It isn't known yet if this guy got his guns legally, bought them from another criminal in a back alley somewhere, or stole them. It makes no difference. Laws did NOTHING to stop him from his deadly purpose. It's STUPID to think otherwise, but the anti-gun fools do. That's why I call them FOOLS. (Mandalay Bay Security)

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