Friday, October 13, 2017

Hillary Is Clueless

Within MINUTES of the begging of the Las Vegas massacre, even while authorities were still removing bodies, she had the temerity to advance the current narrative about "silencers," saying, in her IGNORANCE, that if the shooter had had a silencer, many more would have died because they couldn't hear the shots. What an absolute IMBECILE this woman is! First of all, you can't put a suppressor on such a gun. It would melt the barrel. Second, a "silencer" is NOT "silent." It's as loud as a triphammer, which is not "silent." It just is not quite AS loud as a gunshot. And what kind of law would have stopped this massacre? I don't think she has a clue. Every time she opens her pie hole, stupid comes out. If she had won the election and become president, it would not take her long to destroy this country as a free country, with her stupidity. (Daily Caller)

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