Thursday, October 5, 2017

He'll Find A Way

Gun control doesn't matter. Days after a terrorist murdered almost sixty people and injured another almost 500 who were enjoying a concert, not knowing an evil soul was about to ruin not only their night, but their lives, even if they don't die right there, liberals all over are clamoring for more gun control The current flavor is no longer on "silencers," but is now on "bump stocks (Except for Hillary, who is predictably not only ignorant, but way behind times). Is there any intelligent person out there who really believes that if he couldn't legally get everything he needed for his killing spree that he couldn't have found a source from whom he could ILLEGALLY BUY what he needed, or build it, himself?

The answer is NOT to try and "get rid of guns," which is an impossibility, but to find, and repair the kind of thinking that drives such an individual to do such an evil thing. It goes without saying that when an individual is bound and determined to do such a thing, a piddling LAW isn't going to do anything but MAYBE slow him down. If anybody knows of a single law that would WORK, either that is in effect now, of may be in the future, I'd appreciate it if he/she would enlighten me. If you want a response, go to my e-mail address shown in the header. I've tried responding to people before, but my messages somehow are returned as undeliverable. Otherwise, just SHUT UP (Just common sense)

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