Friday, April 14, 2017

Unconstitutional Gun Laws

So far, ALL laws limiting gun purchase and use ARE unconstitutional. Period. Why? Because they infringe on a constitutional right. For instance: the law that in some states says the applicant for a “carry permit” must demonstrate a NEED for such a permit IS an infringement on a constitutional right. Look at it this way: what if the government told you that you must demonstrate a NEED before you can speak freely (under the First Amendment on freedom of speech)? That would be immediately recognized as being ABSURD, wouldn't it? Why then, can states get away with requiring a NEED before they will issue a carry permit? Limits on how guns can be stored are similarly infringements. In one state, you can get a “carry permit,” but the gun you carry MUST BE UNLOADED! What the hell good does an UNLOADED gun do you? Gun locks make it virtually impossible to get your gun into operation fast enough to deal with a criminal with an ILLEGAL gun. And they do NOTHING to hinder that CRIMINAL'S use of his illegal gun to kill you while you try to get to your legally-owned gun and get it into operation. (Heritage Foundation)

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