Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ignoring Illegal Guns

In Chicago, the WORST place in the country to be if you don't want to get shot, even by a stray bullet, OR one aimed at you, there were FIVE KILLED and 26 wounded, over just the last weekend. The “authorities” don't mention which ones were accomplished with ILLEGAL guns—if they even keep such records. Outfits like the NY Times emphasizes the number of gun injuries (most of them suicides) that are accomplished by LEGAL guns, while ignoring those committed using ILLEGAL guns. They make many laws against law-abiding people being able to get their guns for self defense against those MILLIONS of illegal guns out there while IGNORING the illegal guns. Yes, there ARE already laws against owning a gun illegally, but they are impossible to enforce against the owners of illegal guns until they reveal themselves by shooting somebody—usually somebody else with an illegal gun. But they don't keep such records. (Daily Caller)

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