Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NY Times Keeps Lying

They're continuing to pursue their ill-conceived campaign against law-abiding people being able to have their own guns to use in self defense against the MILLIONS of illegal guns out there in the hands of people who regularly use them to do us harm. They talk about 900 deaths by concealed carriers (a number in serious question). They admit that many of them were suicides, but gloss it over. They don't even bring up the many gun deaths caused by ILLEGAL guns in the same period. That's what anti-gun fools do—ignore the illegal guns out there. What they don't say is that a VERY FEW people who wish us ill GET carry permits, and only those who had not yet committed a crime are able to do so. If you look at the REAL figures, you'll see that MOST of the gun deaths are caused by ILLEGALLY-owned guns—but fools like these never do. They “cherry pick” numbers that seem to prove their point and ignore all others. (NY Times)

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