Wednesday, April 5, 2017

All Gun Laws Unconstitutional

Every one of them. The Constitution says categorically, that, “the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.” That's simple and easy to understand language, unlike that used to make many laws. It means our right to own and use a gun “shall NOT be infringed.” Yet every law the anti-gun fools make, so far, INFRINGES on that right. They say that adding requirements to be “”allowed” to have or carry a gun is a “common sense requirement,” but in reality, it is an INFRINGEMENT. It presupposes that they have a right to limit that right. They do NOT. Forcing us to “jump through bureaucratic hoops” to even “get permission” from a nameless, faceless bureaucrat” who can, on his/her own initiative, refuse it, is an infringement.

As is creating “gun-free zones” where legal gun owners can't carry their guns, and every law imposing stringent requirements on how to STORE them are, as well. Actually, it seems like the real purpose of “gun control” is to keep Americans ALL defenseless against the attacks of ILLEGAL gun owners. In fact, if we are discovered to be using items other than guns for self defense such as stun guns, they want to make laws against those, too, because sometimes the “bad guys” use them, too. I have a “page holder” to use to hold down the pages of a book while I'm eating when I need both hands to eat that looks like a “sap.” It features a heavy lead weight at each end. I'll BET that a cop could declare” it to be an “illegal weapon” and take it away from me. It was bought in a bookstore, AS a page holder, but the laws are so vague any cop can DEFINE it as a weapon and confiscate it, maybe even sending me to jail for owning it.. (Just common sense)

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