Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump Easing Gun Restrictions

Donald Trump is quietly ending most of Obama's non-congressional restrictions on gun ownership, and use. He hasn't yet been able to get rid of many laws passed by a Democrat Congress, but he has ENDED those “rules” made by fiat (executive orders). Gun sales in America are going down, since the people are no longer afraid of further restraints on their ability to get and use the means to self defense, a gun. Before now, “authorities” have worked HARD to keep Americans from being able to defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns arrayed against them by criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. They seemed more interested in keeping us from being able to defend ourselves than lowering “gun violence.” And that may continue locally for a while. They (in some places) even targeted stun guns and other non-gun methods of self defense. If it could possibly be used in self defense, they wanted to BAN it. But that will mostly go away, thanks to Trump's election as president, as more and more local politicians get the message. (The Gun Writer)

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