Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Mall Shooting!" "Ban Guns!"

That’ll be the cry; mark my words. The anti-gun fanatics ALWAYS “blame the guns” whenever some crazy goes out and shoots some innocent people. But the gun didn’t go crazy, a PERSON did, then picked up the gun. The gun didn’t do anything but what it was DESIGNED to do. We’ll either find out the gun was legally bought by a guy who “had no priors,” or ILLEGALLY by either somebody too young to own a gun, who is already a criminal or a known crazy. They won’t admit that gun laws can DO NOTHING to stop people who are DETERMINED to kill people from doing it. If they can’t get one legally, they’ll go out and buy one ILLEGALLY in a back alley somewhere, out of another criminal’s car trunk I really get tired of making this argument and being ignored, while honest people (including me) are kept from owning and carrying the means to their own self defense while criminals go about carrying their illegal guns hunting us. I’m still waiting for a politician, ANY politician, to answer the question, “What makes you think a CRIMINAL, who breaks laws for a LIVING, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?” (Huffington Post)

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