Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Gun-Free Zones"

Except for those carried by criminals and crazies wanting to shoot everybody in sight, that is. People who obey laws obey gun laws. Criminals don’t. The other day, such a fool murdered 20 CHILDREN, some as young as 5. the day before another killed at least two people in another shopping center shooting. The news media went “wall-to-wall with it. In Denver, at least one radio station spent the entire DAY into the night talking about it. I’m sure this happened all over the country, maybe even the world. And they should, because somebody killing a bunch of CHILDREN is a real tragedy. What did these two shootings gave in common? They were both “gun-free zones.” But what about that shooting last year in a GUN SHOP where the guy shot a clerk and was instantly made into “Swiss cheese” by the rest of the clerks, including the one he shot? It was a news item for a few hours and then “sank like a stone.” Except for the Indianapolis media, nobody was interested in the story. Why? Because the victim was armed and able to defend himself. Even the “anti-gun crazies” shut up about it because this kind of story, where the victim was armed, just didn’t fit their narrative. I’ve always noticed that such shootings didn’t happen at gun shows or anywhere else where everybody was armed, and for a good reason. In “gun-free zones” like schools and the like, they might as well put up a sign saying, “No guns here. We’re defenseless. Come on in and shoot us.”

Yes, such shootings are bad. But trying to eliminate guns to stop them is illogical and STUPID. The GUN didn’t kill these people. The man HOLDING the gun did. If he couldn’t get a gun (doubtful) he’d find something else to use in killing innocent people. Anybody who BELIEVES that a CRIMINAL, who violates the law for a LIVING, will OBEY a law saying he can’t be armed is STUPID. And that includes all those stupid politicians who think so, including our illustrious president . I’m getting very tired of repeating this and having it fall on deaf ears while more and more people DIE because of this rampant STUPIDITY. I’m still waiting for our incompetent politicians to WAKE UP and realize that the ONLY WAY to eliminate such atrocities is to allow as many GOOD people as possible to be armed, including in those ubiquitous “gun-free zones” for self defense so the crazies and criminals won’t be FREE to kill innocent people. It is a PROVEN FACT that where there are MORE GUNS in the hands of innocent people, violent crime goes DOWN. In Florida, where getting a carry permit is easy, the violent crime rate has PREDICTABLY gone DOWN wile the deaths and injuries to armed CRIMINALS has gone UP. In Israel, where EVERYBODY is armed (even school teachers) there ARE no mass shootings. There cannot be more OBVIOUS evidence this is true. But our anti-gun politicians are blissfully IGNORANT of this fact. They’re PURPOSELY ignorant of facts that do not advance their narrative. (

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