Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Moron Government

We’re being governed by MORONS. Obama’s “big thing” is taxing “the rich” at a higher rate than anyone else. These are the people who CREATE JOBS and make the economy grow. And “Obama the stupid” wants to punish them for that because when they do it they tend to make a lot of money for themselves as well as the rest of the country. Such thinking is simply JEALOUSY by people who haven’t been able to make as much as they do, therefore they want to PUNISH them for doing it. Taxing the rich at higher rates doesn’t even make the government a lot of money, What Obama proposes will, if he does it, allow him to run the government for 12 DAYS. So it doesn’t even solve most of his financial problems, which are OVERSPENDING. He spends money like it was water and expects others to pay the bills he (and his wife) builds up. Taxing the rich at a higher rate is an old communist tactic, and has never worked anywhere they tried it.

France, which is now run by an open socialist, are doing the same thing, and that is GOING TO ruin their economy, just as Obama’s socialist policies are ruining ours. How do we get such incompetent, stupid people running things? They appeal to the MOOCHERS of society; the people who want a “free ride” at the expense of others. And they VOTE. So they can continue to vote such stupid fools as Obama into office so he can STEAL from the very people who keep the economy going while claiming they “don’t pay their fair share” while they ARE. The “rich” pay their fair share and a LOT more. The top 25% earners in this country pay 86% of income taxes paid! How much more does it take for you to realize they pay MORE than “their fair share? We need to get rid of the FOOLS running our government, as soon as possible or we will go down along with the European socialist governments that are going down like dominoes. How many more times must I write this before SOMEBODY listens and does something about it? (Just common sense)

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