Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tough Old Guy

I just watched a video of an attempted robbery of an elderly man in a convenience store. When the thief tried to take a bunch of twenties sticking out of the old man's pocket, the old man, who is an ex-marine, a former steelworker, and a former Golden Gloves boxer, commenced "beating the hell" out of the "bad guy." With the help of a store clerk, he restrained the thief until the cops came. He proved that robbing elderly citizens isn't always a "piece of cake," but is sometimes a bad idea. He spent six months in jail after he got out of the hospital. In another video, a man tried to rob an old woman in a convenience store with a sawed-off shotgun. She grabbed the barrel and ran this cowardly criminal off, proving that most criminals aren't very tough, even WITH their guns. Another video showed an old man who jumped an armed robber because this robber aimed his gun at his daughter. They finally ran the criminal off, firing many shots in his direction. Don't count those "oldsters" out. You might get hurt. ("Most Outrageous")

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