Friday, July 18, 2008


The liberals seem bent on gathering us all together in small groups that are more easily killed by Islamic terrorists. They want to put us all in "high-density housing" that can be easily hit with a bomb and kill a maximum number of "lemmings" who don't know any better that to live so close together. They want us to sell our cars and start using mass transit. They SAY it is easy, quick, and convenient. It is NONE of these things. It is difficult, slow, and INconvenient. So why do we "buy into" their schemes? Because they jeer at us if we don't. Many people respond to that. I don't. I live in a HOUSE. I drive my own car. I haven't been on a bus or train in 20 years, and don't plan to do so soon. I do not fly unless absolutely necessary. Usually, I drive. If some get through and start blowing innocent people up in shopping centers and pizza parlors like they do in Iraq or Israel, I won't be among the victims because I'll be somewhere else. They say "there are no innocent Infidels." And they expect us to adhere to a strict "hands off" policy on Muslims. Sheesh! (Just common sense)

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