Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gunman KIlled Robbing Store

And his girlfriend wants the storeowner who killed him "punished" for "shooting him too many times." What the hell? My thinking is simple: if you go out to violently rob someone, you shouldn't be surprised if you meet a violent end, and the person who "violently ends" you is NOT in line to be punished, under any circumstances. "Shot him too many times?" Hell, in his position I'd have "emptied my gun" into him, too. Many years ago a man tried to rob me with a knife. He made the mistake of taking his eyes off me long enough to look for the door handle (I was driving a cab) and I "brained him" with an old Radio Shack five-cell plastic flashlight. He didn't wake up for three months and never spent a minute in jail because he was, from that point on, "not right" (not that he was so intelligent before he robbed me, either). A cop asked my why I hit him so many times, and I responded, "I've never hit anybody in the head before. I was scared, and I kept hitting him until he stopped moving." I suspect the same is true of this storeowner. He kept shooting until the guy stopped moving. In any case, he was trying to stay alive himself, and shouldn't even spend a night in jail because of it. That's MY take. But liberals want to punish ANYBODY who uses a gun in self-defense, while "protecting" the criminal who forced it to happen Sheesh! Boortz's last sentence makes me wonder. If not McCain, whom? Does he think Obama will make the "gun thing" better? Sheesh, again! (Neal Boortz)


Chris said...

Liberals want to keep people from defending themselves? Who says that? I dont believe protecting myself is a Democrat or Republican issue. I have a .357 in my bedroom to prove I will defend my home and I carry pepper spray and a stun gun.

Ray Thomas said...

It is, in politics. Yes, there ARE Republicans who are "anti-gun," too. But hating guns is part and parcel of the Democrat policy.