Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Shoot Down" Gun Control

It's interesting to note that the politicians who make these "gun control" laws that DISARM honest people and do nothing to disarm criminals, who never have any problems getting their guns either go around armed themselves ("gotta protect ourselves, don'tcha know?") or are surrounded by gun-toting bodyguards who are paid by whom? You and I, that's whom! Others get their politician "friends" to have them "deputized" so they can "carry (They do no law enforcement, it's just a scam so they can "carry.")." But if you and I are caught "carrying," guess what happens? They put us in jail and make felons out of us, so they can forever deny us the right to carry guns for self-defense. What's wrong with this picture? It's time we made politicians aware that we will no longer stand for their "reasonable" rules that keep us disarmed while they have their ways of "getting around the law" and being legally armed. (Common Sense)

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