Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Evidence

The liberals like to “pontificate” on things without any kind of evidence there’s anything wrong. Such is their screeching about guns; and high-capacity magazines and the “need” for tighter gun laws, none of which will do ANYTHING to limit the access to guns, high-capacity magazines, or anything else to people like the Arizona shooter. If they want it, SOMEBODY will sell it to them. Quicker in areas where gun laws are “tight” than anywhere else. Glenn Beck’s buddy Stu paints a very different picture than do the liberals who are now calling for CENSORSHIP of CONSERVATIVES, while ignoring the “hate speech” that daily comes out of the mouths of liberals who want Sarah Palin ASSASSINATED (Salon Magazine), and Justice Thomas fed a lot of bacon and sausage in hopes he will have a heart attack. I can’t believe how STUPID these people are, and how stupid they think WE are. We need to CALL them on what they say, and make them PROVE it. (Glenn Beck)

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