Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

The anti-gun fanatics lost no time to advance their agenda to disarm all Americans based on the legality of the gun purchase by the Arizona shooter. According to the Wall Street Journal, he bought the gun legally several weeks ago, despite “certain people” knowing he was “disturbed.” But I’ll say this: insane or not, he would have had no trouble obtaining a gun, anywhere in the country. If he couldn’t get it legally, he’d buy it out of the trunk of some crook’s car on a back street or in an alley. And it is known that where “tight gun laws” prevail. It’s even easier to find such criminals willing to sell illegal guns. They say, ”Of course he had a gun. This is Arizona, after all.” As if it’s “Arizona, where it’s ‘the Wild West,’ after all.” Yes, no license is needed to carry a gun in Arizona. But Arizona (except for illegal aliens killing innocent ranchers) is one of the safest states there is. (NECN)

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