Monday, January 10, 2011

Anti-Gun Laws Don't Work!

The gun didn’t kill a (Republican) federal judge in Arizona. The man who pulled the trigger killed the judge and wounded many others, including a congresswoman. Making laws to limit access to guns just DOES NOT WORK. Those who want to indiscriminately kill people will do it, with or without a gun. In Korea some time ago, a man went into a school and killed several students with KNIFE. The tighter the gun laws are in a given area, the easier it is to get a gun illegally because more people are selling them. I keep saying this, and nobody says I’m wrong. But nobody recognizes that I’m right, either. I talk and talk and talk, and nobody listens. And people die. People will continue to die until somebody with some INTELLIGENCE recognizes reality and allows honest people to have and use the means to their inalienable right of self defense, a gun. If just ONE PERSON had had a gun and been willing to use it in Arizona, maybe the shooter would be dead and the death toll much lower. But NO! The anti-gun nuts prevailed and six more innocent people are dead. (Just common sense)

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