Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gun Sales Up 60%

In the wake of the Arizona shooting. And this is a problem how? I’m glad to see it. Maybe there will now be fewer people like Jared Laughner out shooting into crowds now that he can’t depend on there not being anybody in the crowd with his own gun, ready and able to put a few in him before he can kill any more people in the crowd. Have you ever noticed such crazy shooters never go to a GUN SHOW to shoot it up? That’s because he doesn’t want to resemble a “Swiss cheese” right after he starts shooting. One man actually went into a GUN STORE to hold it up. When it was over, he had 13 bullet wounds from guns in the hands of the store owner and two customers in the store, who happened to be police officers. By the way: has anybody seen anything about this in America’s media? (Guardian)

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