Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HAMAS Kills Baby

Then blames it on us. And this is so typical of Islamic terrorists, it doesn’t even need to be said. But the United Nations has proven it (maybe they’re good for something, after all). The liberal American media dutifully reported it the way they were told to, even though the report was wrong. They called it “Israeli aggression,” even though it was “Palestinian aggression gone wrong.” HAMAS is well known to hide rockets in private homes where children live (from which they fire them into Israel private homes), as well as close to schools, according to the UN. It’s obvious they have no regard for human life. They use their own people as “human shields.” They fire THOUSANDS of rockets from these private homes, and if Israel responds, they put out announcements that Israel has fired on innocents, completely IGNORING their own firing of rockets (from within private homes) into Israeli private homes. This time, they were caught. But only a small number of media outlets have carried this story after telling the world that the ISRAELIS are “firing into private homes.” They think we’ll keep buying this BS forever. That shows their IGNORANCE. (The Blaze)

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