Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blame the Gun, Not the Man

 That seems to be the thing to do these days. When something happens, ANYTHING, involving a gun, people blame the GUN, not the man holding it. What they refuse to acknowledge is that a gun cannot hurt ANYBODY if there isn’t a PERSON holding it and pulling the trigger. I get so tired of hearing about situations like this, where a black thug argued his way into an open door to a CLOSED convenience store and attempted to INTIMIDATE the clerk. He got in his face, not an inch away. Then without warning he punched the clerk in the face while his buddies pulled their guns. The clerk, frightened for his life, pulled out his own gun and shot the thug, leaving him in critical condition. This should be the end of it, except for the jailing of the thugs involved. The cops, after watching the security tape, declared it a “self defense” action.

The thug’s father, however, wasn’t so charitable. Notwithstanding the fact that his boy was the aggressor, along with his armed friends, he (and others in the neighborhood) are demanding the clerk be charged and sent to prison for defending himself from several armed and obstreperous opponents. I guess he thinks his son was in the right in his unprovoked attack on this clerk, backed up by his armed friends. The clerk (so far) will NOT be charged, but he has lost his job and probably will have to move away to avoid retribution by other thugs in the neighborhood. The clerk is white while the thug is black, which makes it worse. I’m on the clerk’s side (black or white), which will cause people to call me a racist, no doubt. But I think the racism is on the black side for thinking ANYBODY who shoots a black man should be punished, even if he WAS the victim. Frankly, I’d have punched the thug as soon as he got in my face so closely. (Last Resistance)

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